I am currently an Account Manager (Policy Team) at PRIME Research, a research-based media consultancy in Oxford. In addition to this, I am the Digital Content Editor of

As a Master’s level professional in Corporate Communication and Public Affairs with a foundation course in Journalism, I have an acute knowledge of the communication industry with a great sense of reactivity. My experiences encompass positions such as media analyst and journalist in the United Kingdom and in France.

I am also a Member of the CIPR (UK) and am bound by the Code of Conduct promoting good practice around integrity, honesty, capability, capacity, competence, confidentiality, transparency and conflicts of interest.

My work

My current role as a PR and media measurement analyst revolves around:

  • Insights Delivery: Crafting compelling stories, working independently to translate data into insights that address key client business/strategic issues.
  • Client Management: Interacting with clients, advising clients to proactively address needs and solving business problems.
  • Project Management: Managing account activities, partnering across departments to ensure the smooth delivery of static analysis reports and ad hoc requests.

In addition to this, I develop the Public Relations Oxford brand ( by taking the lead on web and social presences, planning and developing engaging content that connects Oxford’s PR professionals.

Who I have worked with

For the last four years, I’ve had the chance to work for a variety of private-sector clients, governmental organisations and media outlets such as the European Commission, Volkswagen, Audi and Paris Match.

Jennifer supported the Audi UK PR team during her time at Prime Research.  Jennifer was a great asset to the Audi PR team through her work at Prime and supported us on numerous occasions with bespoke reporting and daily analysis and measurement of various PR activities that required detailed analytical understanding.
I worked closely with Jennifer during the coverage reporting following large UK launch activities, here Jennifer played a vital role in making sure that all coverage was captured, measured and reported successfully.  Jennifer was attentive in her role, always demonstrated a good understanding of the brand and what was required.

Camilla Scanes, Media Relations Manager at Audi (Milton Keynes, UK)

Jennifer was professional, curious and meticulous. She was an excellent journalist.

Yannick Vély, Editor-in-chief of (Paris, France)

Jennifer paid attention to detail, took initiatives, demonstrated professionalism, showed curiosity and enthusiasm, while also being able to adapt to any situation.

Agnès Grégoire, Editor-in-chief of Photo Magazine (Paris, France)