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Where my articles appeared

“Why AI isn’t ready for the spotlight in PR—yet”
PRDaily.com | 8 July 2019

“The effect of AI on PR measurement”
PRPlace.com | 21 May 2019

“Calling yourself a freelance communications consultant is too broad” publicrelationsoxford.co.uk | 9 May 2019

Writing about the Public Relations Oxford scene for a year showed me how vibrant this community is
publicrelationsoxford.co.uk | 8 April 2019

How to communicate about PR measurement
Communication World Magazine –
International Association of Business Communicators | 6 December 2018

We need to see audiences as meaning creators to counter disinformation
Influence Magazine | 22 November 2018

Nadin Vernon on female leadership: “I am a firm believer in mentorships”
publicrelationsoxford.co.uk | 12 November 2018

How to communicate about PR measurement
gorkana.com | 1 October 2018

What can open data bring to your reputation?
publicrelationsoxford.co.uk | 30 August 2018

Is the Influencer Marketing bubble about to crash down to Earth
commpro.biz | 7 August 2018

Top Tips for your Brexit Communication
publicrelationsoxford.co.uk | 21 June 2018

Charlie Hebdo media discourse analysis
PRplace.com | 29 May 2018

What is wrong with PR?
publicrelationsoxford.co.uk | 26 March 2018

Aligning content analysis with journalism: A better path to public relations success
commpro.biz | 12 December 2017

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Jennifer Sanchis, Crisis Communication

My experience of the Crisis Communication course taught by PR Academy was cited on their website.


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The #PowerAndInfluence chat: What I learnt, so far, about public relations

I was quoted about PR’s relationship building aspect: “PR is about relationships between human beings. I sometimes find that by being honest despite not meeting expectations you can build better relationships based on trust with your clients.”

1 August 2018

Stop defining PR as ‘campaigns’. It is so much more than that

I agree with Ella Minty regarding PR practitioners’ advisory role on organisational goals and strategic views.

22 November 2017